uCC Rules & Expectations

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These expectations help maintain a safe, productive and welcoming job site for you, your teammates and our guests. Mostly, use good judgment and be considerate in your actions.


We’ll provide a uCC T-Shirt, hoodie, and/or jacket to wear on Saturdays, but Apprentices must provide their own pants, which may get dirty. Apprentices should wear closed toe shoes and bring their hard hat and tool belt to site with them every build day.

-Appropriate Dress for the context and work being performed is both a safety and professional concern. Here are some guidelines:

-Baggy or loose fitting clothes can be unsafe, and revealing clothes can even lead to sunburn or heat exhaustion and may be inappropriate for the workplace, and you may be asked to change if your attire is not appropriate or safe.


1.) Drink Water before, after and during work. We will take scheduled breaks during the day, so tell a supervisor if you feel like you need an extra one.

-If you are given permission to take an unscheduled break, remove yourself from the job site so you don’t interfere with the work around you. (Don’t sit down in a busy area, like the top of stairs or in a doorway.)

2.) Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times on site.

-Hard hats, gloves, safety glasses and more are available on site.

3.) Ladders should be set up properly and checked for safety before using.

You will receive training on site, but here are three key tips:

-Do not use a ladder if you are dizzy or in high winds or rain

-Always face the ladder and maintain “Three Points of Contact”

-If a tool goes up a ladder with you, it must come down

4.) Tools should be respected, not feared. Every tool has rules and precautions that apply to it, and many of these are the same for each tool. If you don’t know how or have never used a particular tool before, just ask.

-You must be at least 18 years old to use any type of power saw.

5.) Cell Phones and Headphones are dangerous, distracting and disrespectful. They may not be seen or used unless in case of emergency or with permission from a Supervisor.

-Text messages, calls, voicemail, social media etc.. must wait until scheduled breaks or the end of the workday.

6.) Stay On Site at all times, unless otherwise directed by a Supervisor.


1.) Smoking is not permitted on site, and must wait until a scheduled break or with permission from a Supervisor.

2.) Language should be clean and respectful in order to create a safe and welcoming work environment. This includes work time, scheduled breaks and music selections.

3.) Work-Social Balance is critical as an employee working on a team.

-“Talk on Task” and try to keep conversations relevant to a project or the workplace until a scheduled break.

4.) Commitment & Attendance is vital to successfully build the house and our team. If you don’t show up, your pay will decrease, and you may lose course credit from school.

-Provide at least 48-Hr Notice for Absences

-“No Call No Show” is an absence from work without notifying a supervisor. In the professional world, this is unacceptable and grounds for immediate termination.

-Missing more than 3 after school sessions, 3 Build Days, or 5 total sessions for any reason may result in removal from the program.

Working with Volunteers

Some Build Days, we’ll be joined on the worksite by a different group of volunteers. Volunteers may be college students, teachers, local businesses, industry partners, donors or other community members. Working with volunteers is an opportunity to develop leadership skills and demonstrate professionalism. Here are some simple things to do to have a positive experience working with volunteers:

-Introduce yourself in the morning, shake hands and try to learn at least one new name.

-Be helpful and remember that you have more experience on the worksite, and volunteers will look to you for leadership or directions.

-Ask questions about where they’re from, and what made them want to volunteer with unCommon Construction.