Industry partnerships support unCommon Construction's mission to empower New Orleans youth to lead the workforce after high school or college. uCC's generous sponsors directly create rigorous and engaging learning opportunities and support apprentices as they build a more equitable bridge from education to employment.  

uCC Partners commit to providing some or all of the following opportunities...


Support Apprentices by working with them on a Saturday build day.  Build relationships with New Orleans’ future industry leaders while providing them an opportunity to practice technical and professional skills.


Apprentices graduate with 120+ hours of construction industry exposure & experience.  Provide an entry point to pursue further education and job opportunities after graduating high school.


Inspire and inform an Apprentice's future by spending thirty minutes talking 1-on-1 about your career and how you got started.  Help an Apprentice see how they might pursue and achieve their career goals.


Lead a training or professional development session for Apprentices at an after-school session, or bring the crew to your work site to experience the people and places who make up the industry.


Your generous donation creates rigorous and engaging learning opportunities for Apprentices.  Make a direct impact on Apprentice outcomes and show them how the industry supports what they do!

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unCommon Construction's Apprenticeship Program is built through support & partnership from across the industry, the New Orleans community, and beyond.

Contributions from unCommon Sponsors help us pay for...

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Tools, Labor & Materials

These will make our apprentices money while also teaching them new skills, but we need to be able to buy them first.

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Insurance Policies

The right insurance policies (worker's comp etc...) help create a physically and emotionally safe environment where you can grow personally and professionally.

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Curriculum & Space

This includes rent at a consistent, non-worksite location to facilitate team building and put our work in context with lessons about how to read blue prints or presentations from industry partners.

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Time with apprentices is limited to after school and weekend sessions - they're in high school! So, we're running shuttles to and from schools in order to make the most of it.