No previous construction experience required! 

unCommon Construction welcomes volunteers (ages 18+) onsite to work alongside the program's apprentices and become part of the build team for a day! Build Days are high-energy, coordinated events where uCC apprentices are positioned as leaders of adult volunteers.

Providing so much more than a pair of extra hands, volunteers give uCC's high school apprentices the opportunity to flex their leadership muscles as they guide you through the unCommon build process. 

Find out all the ways to get involved as a volunteer below!  


Group Build Days

WHAT: We host groups consisting of at least 15 volunteers that have pre-scheduled a build day with uCC apprentices.

WHEN: On Saturdays during the school semester.

WHO: Groups may consist of colleagues or peers as part of a company, class, or organization's volunteer day. However, you do not have to be affiliated with a preexisting group to arrange a day. Anyone willing and able to assemble a committed group of volunteers is encouraged to schedule a build day with uCC.

EY Volunteers onsite.JPG

Company Build Days

WHAT: Large-scale, company-wide volunteer builds are great team-build events for you and our youth!

WHEN: On Saturdays during the school year and weekdays as available. As diploma-seeking high school students, uCC apprentices do not attend volunteer build days on weekdays, but our program builders, staff and all-star alumni are onsite to facilitate the volunteer experience.

WHO: If a company or organization that you lead or represent would like to schedule a volunteer day with us, please reach out with the contact form below.


Community Build Days

WHEN: Two Saturdays every school semester. (Check out the unCommon Calendar!)

WHAT: unCommon Construction welcomes members of our community to join the team on the build site for an awesome day of house-building alongside uCC apprentices and staff.

WHO: YOU, OF COURSE! We invite any neighbors of ours (ages 18+) that want to join us onsite as volunteers to participate.